Technology moves along at a fast past. With Virtual3D powered by Matterport all your scans are processed and stored on the cloud, safely and securely through Matterport.

How long does it take to scan my property?

In short it will depend on the size of your property, we ask that you are ready for our arrival so everywhere is clean, tidy and how you want it photographing. Remember this is immersive 3D so the views can see all around the property. Assuming you require under 100 scans we'd expect to be a couple of hours .

Do you only work in North Yorkshire?

No, most definitely not, however depending on the distance we need to travel we will need to negotiate fuel costs.


I have heard you offer these services in Spain, is they true?

Yes, I own and rent a property in the Murcia region so visit a couple of times a year. I'm always happy to bring the kit with me and help others showcase their villas and apartments. Costa Calide and Costa Blanca regions, I'm out for a month in summer 2019 so book an appointment !

How long do you keep my imaging?

Great question. Your scanning fee includes 1-year hosting on the Matterport cloud through me. At the end of the year if you have not paid the agreed cloud storage fee your property will be removed from the system.